[LMB] Penric's Syndrome

pouncer at aol.com pouncer at aol.com
Sat Apr 28 19:32:08 BST 2018

Fred Smith speculates:
> It just dawned on me t'other day that Penric must haave Marfans Syndrome.
> Anybody else notice this? Am I all wet?

Well, not to be too critical of your observations, which are entirely valid,
but yeah, you might be a bit on the damp end of the spectrum.

(I myself am uncommon tall, with long fingers, etc.  The social group for
those so afflicted, participation in which introduced me to the lovely
MrsPouncer,  sponsors charity fund raisers for Marfans research).

A recent Danish study sampled about 1600 people with the
physical traits previously used to predict Marfans syndrome
symptoms, and then did labs looking for the particular
genetic marker actually causing the disease.  Only about
400 people (one in four, thereabouts)  with the traits have
the mutation and so will ever suffer the symptoms. 

Saying a tall candidate "Must Have" the problem is a stretch. 

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