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Pouncer writes (in full; my thoughts at ***)
Hi all,

I think this has been hashed over before but 
I missed most of it.  So I start it up again.

During the "Let's Make a Deal" mutual 
interrogation at Ivan's Komarran apartment, Rish only partly answers 
By's question about whether or not she is a Jeeves. 
To put together info not explicitly
stated, we learn that

- Rish is about a decade older than Tej -- 
Tej's baby-sitter.

- All the Jewels as well as Tej's older 
sisters were genetically hand-crafted. Tej is 
the only "natural" in the bunch, a gift to 
Shiv ("DaDa") 

-- That crafting included a whole LOT of haut 
genes from Granma and the Baronne 
specifically;  as well as haut techniques to 
arrive at the desired results. The Jewels may 
be inferred to be about as close family to 
the parents as are the Star Creche ba to 

- It is presumed here, and a theme in Bujold 
canon generally, that gene-level attractions 
and genetic "reasoning" drive behavioral events.  
Mark, a stranger to Cordelia, is the product of her
own genes and those of the man in all the Nexus 
she found most fascinating.  Tej finds her loins warming 
as her immune system reacts to the scent of Ivan - let's do 
biology together and make wonderful new antibodies. 
(or just wonderful new bodies, in general) Love is, in 
part, as much good biology as "good chemistry". In 
literature, at least. 

- Morozov (sp?) tells Ivan that Jeeves are 
gene-engineered to be loyal.  Nature driving 
Nuture.  This override to free will seems 
weird to contemporary ears but after all, 
it's how bee hives work.  "I will lay down my 
life (and genetic future)  to ensure the life 
of two sisters, four cousins, or improved 
odds for the hive at large".  

- So the Jewels at birth are READY to be 

- When Tej was six years old, there was an 
attempted assassination

- After that scare, the Baronne discontinued 
the psych-conditioning program that (unspoken)  
HAD been used with the Jewels.

So Rish and Jet have had somewhat less 
Jeeves-conditioning than Pearl etc. 
Now comes the question that interests me - 
Does Rish have a reproductive drive on her 
own behalf, or is she genetically and (at 
least partly) pyscho-conditioned to expect 
other sibs to carry the genetic legacy on?
Whether or not she has reproductive motives - 
would the Jewels have been crafted as fertile 
offspring or mules?

Does it matter, given uterine replicators and gene-spliced gamates?

Have By and Rish discussed having (or not) having kids?  

How would By react to having a kid pre-disposed to favor behaviors 
not inclined to the interests of Barrayar? To having children born 
into a form of service apart from any choice of his or theirs? 

*** Micki: I think it's entirely possible that altruistic people are altruistic about all 
other people (and maybe animals and quite possibly inanimate objects as well). So, if there 
is a trigger to make people altruistic for a certain group, it'd have to be nurture. Or very 
byzantine, everyone who smells like Ivan is more worthy than I. (Or the haut, for that 

What an interesting story it could be, if the kids have to avoid all haut for fear of being 
triggered into an altruism allergy . . . . And which would overwhelm? The genetic trigger, or 
the triggers formed by nurture? Could go either way, really. 

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