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Karen Hunt wonders about a character from the PropBox
who might want to strike out in a tale of his own...

>> So Rish and Jet have had somewhat less
>> Jeeves-conditioning than Pearl etc.

> I had a tale in mind based on the idea that
> Jet is only barely Jeeved and that he might just
> head off on his own despite it all. He's much 
> younger than the others and will still be in 
> his dancing prime when the others are too old 
> to perform.

Well...  yeah.  Lots of conflict there. 

By determines that Rish, dancing with the Jewels,
has a heart, and without them has only a muscle in 
her thorax that pumps blood.  (OWTTE) But Rish is
overjoyed to re-encounter the BARONNE at the
Vorbarra Shuttleport,  and hugs the other Jewels
after. Yet it was Rish bound to bodyguard and/or
babysit Tej that kept things together for the pair
as they fled the Whole. Two of three loyalties
led Rish back to the Whole - the Baronne and the
Jewels. (It didn't hurt that a whole new set of
bounded-ness toward Byerly was developing and By 
was also sent to the Whole.) So that's our baseline
assumption about Jet's duties, loyalties, loves
and obligations.

If they parallel, Jet is bound to the Baronne, 
the Jewels, Amiri,and maybe if he's lucky a life- 
partner of his own.   

But are they parallel?  The biggest different seems
to be that Amiri had left the Whole before the coup.
He wanted gone. Jet -- bodyguard and babysitter --
was sent away. This may not even have seemed, to him,
possible had he been as "jeeved" as Pearl. An 
impossible choice, to follow the Baronne's commands,
versus following the Baronne herself.  As was, he
not only managed, but he cosmetically de-Jeweled

Was Jet as happy on Escobar as Amiri? Can we imagine 
an analysis to the effect that Jet with the Jewels has 
a spine, and otherwise has a bunch of bones that keep 
his head off of his pelvis? 

I don't even recall for sure if, in the epilog of
CVA the letter about the first dance of the restored
Jewels, was Jet restored to the group as well?  Did he
leave Amiri along on Escobar to rejoin his dance 
family?  Was this his choice, his calling, or the 
command of his mother? 

Lots of plot bunnies there. 

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