[LMB] romance novels & subversion

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Tue Feb 13 02:09:24 GMT 2018

We seem to be drifting onto the topic, somehow ...

Lois mentions how much she enjoyed the "Ruritanian" settings
of novels set in forgotten locales.   Hope's "Prisoner of Zenda"
being the arch type but whole hosts of swashbucklers,
bodice rippers, light waltzing operettas, and political 
satires ("The Mouse That Roared" ) all depend on 
such settings. 

Oddly, not so much for "The King of the Cannibal 
Islands" ...  though Lois does give us  Prince Jokol and 
his ice bear, Fafa.  Same sort of thing, just more. 

ANYHOW, I suspect the re-discovery of Barrayar and
the events of recent history thrusting it upon the 
Galactic stage in prominent opposition to larger 
older wealthier polities provides a setting for a lot
more entertaining tales in genres more than simply

[Er, in the modern Barnes and Nobel sense of that
 term.  Yes, in formal literature swashbucklers thrillers
etc fall  into the category "romances" too.  Okay.  Noted.  
And dismissed.]

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