[LMB] Sharing Knife: Affinity and piglet-farmers

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Tue Feb 13 17:09:56 GMT 2018


I'm rereading he second book in the Sharing Knife series, and  got to the part where Dag is in groundlock to the mudmen, and uses a the sharing knife with Fawn's unborn's ground to break free of it.

Initially, Dag notes that the ground lacks affinity, so he gives it some, and the ground lock breaks--spectcularly.

But earlier, Dar had commented, and it seemed to be widely accepted, that farmer's grounds can't teach mortality to malices, just like animal grounds can't.

That seems like a contradiction! I'm guessing that maybe the earlier sharing knifes made with farmer's sounds were made improperly? Of the patrollers didn't have enough ground sense to add the affinity needed?

Any thoughts on this?

Maybe the first trys of using farmer grounds were in the early days of making and using sharing knives. Several hundred (or whatever, a really long time anyway) the process has improved enough the knives can now grab whatever affinity they can from Farmer ground now. Also, I'll bet there's been a LOT more Farmer/Lakewalker babies around than anyone knows about or will admit to. Barr can't be the first to father a child back behind the woodpile, he just may be one of the few who admit it. Also, we see several people with very strong groundsense, good patrollers/makers/healers. What happens to all the people with really weak ground sense? Do any ever sneak off in shame, to live with farmers rather than always live with the pity given a Lkaewalker squb? One way or another, there may be more Lakewalker genes in Farmer families than most realize.
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