[LMB] Sharing Knife: Affinity and piglet-farmers

Ursula uleubner at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 00:59:55 GMT 2018

On 2/13/18 07:50, Douglas Weinfield wrote:
> Initially, Dag notes that the ground lacks affinity, so he gives it some, and the ground lock breaks--spectcularly.
> But earlier, Dar had commented, and it seemed to be widely accepted, that farmer's grounds can't teach mortality to malices, just like animal grounds can't.
> That seems like a contradiction! I'm guessing that maybe the earlier sharing knifes made with farmer's sounds were made improperly? Of the patrollers didn't have enough ground sense to add the affinity needed?

Not really a contradiction.  Lakewalkers have affinity, Farmer's don't.  Dag, being within the groundlock, was in a unique position to do groundwork at the time the knife was used in order to supply some affinity. 
But on an ordinary field patrol, one would not have a powerful Maker in ground-contact with the malice at the time it was knifed in order to do the necessary groundwork to supply affinity.  Dag's trick would not work against a malice, only when clearing out a groundlocked mud-man factory after the malice was dead.  A situation rare enough (you need, simultaniously, the advanced malice to make the trap, and the skilled groundworker within the trap, plus the farmer-knife) that it probably isn't worth starting to make farmer-knives regularly.  
The bigger question would be, knowing what Dag *learned* from Fawn's knife in the groundlock, could a skilled knifemaker change the groundwork used when the knife is first made, to supply affinity to go with the Farmer's death?  That would really be when the special groundwork would have to be done, you can't count on having a skilled groundworker handy when the knife is used against a malice, or when a farmer primes a knife, which might be in any emergency.

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