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Shard of Honor



Penric’s Mission

Penric is a doggedly nice guy in a world that does not place much value on being considerate of others. Cedonians gleefully conspire against each other 2, and wizards abuse the demons who grant them their powers. Penric thinks he has found a better way and is keen to share it.

If you’re looking for something light and upbeat, a small piece of life-affirming fiction, or just a story in which three fugitives flee through the countryside pursued by would-be killers, this may be for you. 

1: The Penric series reminds me weirdly of the John Grimes series. I have no idea why, although part of it may be the way both series track the protagonists’ lives. 

2: Arisaydia does not seem to go in for obligate scheming, but the impression he gives of being comparatively harmless is misleading: he spends most of the story an invalid. His profession involves the skilful application of force; he does not hesitate to betray allies or kill enemies when it is a question of saving his (and his sister’s) life. 

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