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Wed Feb 21 19:10:48 GMT 2018

> On Feb 20, 2018, at 11:11 PM, M. Haller Yamada <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com> wrote:
> So weird! The list disappeared from my inbox and on my bookmark for several days. (When I 
> clicked my bookmark, I could see all the old posts, but it showed no new activity.)  Well, 
> we're back on track now!
> Anyway, I see the Athosian army as a vestigial tail. They think they may need it, because 
> someone is going to be jealous of their paradise and invade. They are so paranoid! But of 
> course, their military etc. is going to be so out of date that if someone did decide to invade, 
> the whole army is just Security Theater -- I don't think they can win against determined modern 
> aggressors. 
> But . . . who would want to invade the out-of-the-way place? There's their safety.
> (-: Good question!

Those demonic women!

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