[LMB] Fanfic: Another Innocent Bystander

Sharon Micenko wembleyware at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 23:44:10 GMT 2018

Thank you for the kind comment.
I’m still thinking of awful things to do to Ivan...

> On 23 Feb 2018, at 2:29 am, Katherine Collett <kcollett at hamilton.edu> wrote:
> On Feb 20, 2018, at 7:14 AM, Sharon Micenko <wembleyware at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Cat’s out of the bag. I’ve been asking questions on here to get my facts right for this one. Still having fun with it.
>> I think this is the link
>> http://archiveofourown.org/works/13569879?view_full_work=true
> Very nice!  You’ve caught the characters very well, while also doing what fanfic does best — allowing us to wallow in their emotions just a teeny bit more than in canon.  Loved the oath-reaffirming scene! (that’s vague enough not to be too spoilery, right?)
> But … I didn’t realize it wasn’t finished yet.  Ack!  I have to wait for new chapters!
> Katherine
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