[LMB] Ethan

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 06:39:43 GMT 2018

From: Cathy M.  

We have seen an example of a planet starting with a very out of date
military, successfully fighting off an invasion.  So, there military might
not be totally useless if someone did invade.

Micki: Oh-ho! I didn't think of that. But I think the Cetagandans were trying to conquer the 
Barrayarans through trade, first. And someone sold the Barrayarans modern weaponry (I wonder if 
any of the ghem would have been that mercenary?). 

Micki: I guess I just see the Athosians as avoiding conflict, but it's true that we really 
don't see enough of them. They may be squabblers, just like the Barrayarans (although, it felt 
like they were pretty united and socially organized). 


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