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>> Just off the top of my head:
>> Westburro Baptist Church

“burro” is a feeble attempt at a pun.
> "Westboro", I think.
>> Flat Earthers
> … would (by definition) not travel to other planets!

The salespeople could just not inform them it’s another planet and add that they
get to wipe out a whole lot of gay people. Other planets are not in the flat earthers
world view, so no problem there. If they can ignore the Earth being almost global,
then they can easily ignore the clues they are on another world.

>> Radically weird cults even by Nexus standards
> Hmm.
>> People who want to set up a female only planet
> .. presumably wouldn’t start with a male-only one as a starting point?

There are some small obstacles to that of course, but even 20th century technology can deal with these.
They just have to make the planet male free.
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