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Well, there's We Speak No Treason by Rosemary Hawley Jarman. It starts out in the reign of IV then comes to center on Richard III. It's good historical fiction that I read long ago.

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The only one I know of with a glorious Richard III reign is the one with a sherlock holmes-esque figure who is accompanied by a forensic wizard, and I am totally blocking on the author and the name of the series, but I know that they're excellent.

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> > On deliberately changing history, years ago author Katy Kingston did 
> > an alternative history where Henry VIII’s brother Arthur didn’t die, 
> > and he and Katherine of Aragon turned an arranged marriage into a 
> > passionate romance.
> I'm trying to remember a book in which Richard III had a long and 
> illustrious reign, a golden age of England -- the book takes place 
> somewhat later in the Americas?  I thought it might be Shadow of 
> Albion, but evidently not.  In Shadow of Albion, "the heirless Charles 
> II [is] succeeded by his eldest bastard, the Duke of Monmouth, instead 
> of by his unpopular brother James," the American Revolution never 
> happened, etc.  But does the alternate history with Richard III's long 
> reign ring any bells with anyone?
> Katherine
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