[LMB] OT: technological novels & subversion

Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Mon Feb 26 04:08:59 GMT 2018

> This article is an interesting take on alternate technology in history:
> https://medium.com/the-polymath-project/gene-wolfe-a-science-fiction-legend-on-the-future-altering-technologies-we-forgot-to-invent-a3103572a352 <https://medium.com/the-polymath-project/gene-wolfe-a-science-fiction-legend-on-the-future-altering-technologies-we-forgot-to-invent-a3103572a352

A very interesting article, but too much of a focus on objects and not the physical and social environment they occupy. For example, the lack of wheeled vehicles in pre-Columbian America. There was no point in wheeled carts or wagons when there were no domesticate-able animals to pull them. And suitcases? They didn't need wheels when there were porters, bellboys, and servants to carry them.

But it is true that the good enough often blocks thinking about the even better.

Janet in TN

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