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>> I know Katy Kingston. I first started reading her works when I heard she'd
> altered history a little bit by allowing Arthur to live happily with
> Catherine of Aragon and relegating Henry VIII to younger brother status.
> The books are Prince of Hearts and Lord Sebastian's Wife. The first will be
> more of interest, as the hero is Edmund Tudor, a younger brother of Arthur
> and Henry who died in real life. Other than that, there are the obvious
> court changes, but it read much like a fine historical romance. Katy's work
> has a fine emotional depth.
> Other works have been mentioned, especially my favorite, the Lord Darcy
> tales, but I also wanted to throw out Dragon Waiting by John Ford. It
> brings vampires to the court of Richard III and creates an entirely new
> reasoning for why the Princes in the Tower might have been dangerous.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dragon_Waiting
> Alas, for such an intriguing world, I believe there was never a sequel.

Alas, the book is long out of print (there was a 2002 printing in the UK) and since his estate is in the hands of his relatives, who had despised his writing career, there is little chance it will be reprinted before the copyright runs out. All of this could have been avoided if he had written a will that named a literary executor (BTW, he had been diabetic for decades before his death).

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