[LMB] OT: long reign of Richard III? was romance novels & subversion

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I tried to buy them, but neither appears to be available from Amazon. I let
her know that there was a problem through her website, but I haven't seen
any response yet.

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> >
> > I know Katy Kingston. I first started reading her works when I heard
> she'd
> altered history a little bit by allowing Arthur to live happily with
> Catherine of Aragon and relegating Henry VIII to younger brother status.
> The books are Prince of Hearts and Lord Sebastian's Wife. The first will be
> more of interest, as the hero is Edmund Tudor, a younger brother of Arthur
> and Henry who died in real life. Other than that, there are the obvious
> court changes, but it read much like a fine historical romance. Katy's work
> has a fine emotional depth.
> Other works have been mentioned, especially my favorite, the Lord Darcy
> tales, but I also wanted to throw out Dragon Waiting by John Ford. It
> brings vampires to the court of Richard III and creates an entirely new
> reasoning for why the Princes in the Tower might have been dangerous.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dragon_Waiting
> Alas, for such an intriguing world, I believe there was never a sequel.
> Corrina
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