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Tue Feb 20 07:53:28 GMT 2018

=E2=80=9CKomarr command always gets first pick, on the theory that they=E2=
=80=99ll be the
hot seat if there is one, and Home Fleet is a close second. They
arm-wrestle all the time over the best men. We get what=E2=80=99s left. Wha=
left, it turns out, are a lot of the best women. Send us more, I=E2=80=99d =

Not sure where space merchant escort duty comes in, but as you note it
appears to be all male.
I'm guessing everyone else not in the top 3 categories stays home.
We haven't seen any women pilots, though opportunities to see them are too
sparse to deduce anything.

> So, when and how did the changes happen? Some time during the Regency,
> probably, the Womens' Auxiliary was formed, apparently a very minor group
> but available for dealing with female situations - rescued female hostage=
> Barrayaran women who need help in the Nexus, etc. Maybe they started as
> the wives of some of the troops posted on other planets, drafted in to
> help now
> and then? It seems to be a recognised but small and limited group.
> A decade or so later women still aren't doing ship duty, but could be
> posted to
> other planets sometimes. Their presence isn't unheard-of, but they're not
> posted to every off-planet installation as a matter of course.
> A decade or so after that, they're fully integrated with the fleet, and
> women in
> the Service can have realistic goals of ship duty, and steady promotion.
> It seems that Aral and Cordelia started the process slowly - Aral was
> careful not
> to commit Gregor to huge changes, it would have been an abuse of his powe=
> Gregor didn't make any big changes for some time. After his wedding there
> were more changes, apparently, and the integration of the genders into th=
> Fleet.
> Have I missed any textev?

That's all I can add for this.

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