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Aleut---I always thought they lived farther west, out along the Alaska
Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands (with a few as far west as Siberia).

These books are a glimpse into a very different lifestyle.  When I was
young and tough, I'd have relished trying it on for myself, but at my age,
I'm an armchair Arctic explorer at best.

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> I just finished the second Kate Shugak story. At least now I know about
> where the "Park" is. I didn't know Aleuts were found that far east, but I
> will admit that my knowledge of Arctic and sub-Arctic peoples is not
> exactly encyclopedic, and Dana Stabenow lives there and may know things I
> do not.
> The ending of this one wrung my stony heart. I felt bad for the murderer,
> even as I rooted for Kate to make her capture.
> Blood Will Tell #6, where you see Kate in absolutely smashing clothes at a
> conference of Alaskan Native Associations, and Hunter's Moon #9, with the
> oddest corporate team-building exercise with some real idiots, are pivotal
> books. However, A Grave Denied #11, where you will learn more about
> glaciers, ends on a lovely note. Oh, and Jack's ex-wife is a real piece of
> work.
> It is my considered opinion that the only actor who can do justice to
> Bobby Clark is Daryl Mitchell, who uses a wheelchair. He plays "Triple P"
> in NCIS New Orleans.
> I have chosen to read the novels  in rotation with other genres in my TBR
> files. A 20 or 21 book series being glommed is not something I should do. I
> went through all the Patricia Veryan books once I had them all, and that
> took several years.
> Marina
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