[LMB] OT: My two best Yule gifts

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Tue Jan 2 05:26:02 GMT 2018

The first one wasn't exactly a Yule gift, but I'm claiming it as an early one.

1) After 12+ years, since peri-menopause started, I have had "a personal summer", and in the summer, my own personal tropics. No spikes, just overheated ALL the time, to the point where I could be out in 45F weather in a sundress.

This month, it has at least abated, if not departed. I get to feel chilly again, with the joys of wearing long sleeves and heavier fabrics, and cuddling up under my comforter *without* the window being open in winter.

There's a particular bite in the air, about 9pm on a chilly night, that tells me the temperature will fall below 45F--chill hours needed by certain plants. Never lost it, still have it.

2) The inscription in my Yule card from my son read:
I love you dearly, even if I get annoyed so easily.

He's never phrased it quite that way, and I teared up. That card is not being recycled.
Some of you reading this know just how difficult getting him alive to adulthood has been, and how much this means.

in the Valley of Heart's Delight

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