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>    1. OT: My two best Yule gifts (A. Marina Fournier)
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> Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 05:26:02 +0000 (GMT)
> Subject: [LMB] OT: My two best Yule gifts
> The first one wasn't exactly a Yule gift, but I'm claiming it as an early
> one.
> 1) After 12+ years, since peri-menopause started, I have had "a personal
> summer", and in the summer, my own personal tropics. No spikes, just
> overheated ALL the time, to the point where I could be out in 45F weather
> in a sundress.
> This month, it has at least abated, if not departed. I get to feel chilly
> again, with the joys of wearing long sleeves and heavier fabrics, and
> cuddling up under my comforter *without* the window being open in winter.
> There's a particular bite in the air, about 9pm on a chilly night, that
> tells me the temperature will fall below 45F--chill hours needed by certain
> plants. Never lost it, still have it.
> 2) The inscription in my Yule card from my son read:
> I love you dearly, even if I get annoyed so easily.
> He's never phrased it quite that way, and I teared up. That card is not
> being recycled.
> Some of you reading this know just how difficult getting him alive to
> adulthood has been, and how much this means.
> Marina
> in the Valley of Heart's Delight
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