[LMB] OT: Book rec needed

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 10 02:49:14 GMT 2018


If we're also recommending Alaska alternate history, don't forget MaryJanice Davidson's Alaskan Royal series.  The first one, _The Royal Treatment_, is excellent.  The sequels are less so, but still enjoyable.



Micki: Squee! I really liked MJ Davidson's vampires, but found her werewolves too doggy (sex and 
food; perfect for werewolves, but I didn't want to spend five hours reading about them). I'm glad to 
hear there are more options. Raye's email didn't make it to my email client, but it was on the 
website, and I'm happy for the info about reworked fairytales. I love that genre when it's working. 

Micki: So, I want to be the third or fourth to recommend the Michael Chabon Alaska book. I remember 
it being really good. 

Micki: I wasn't as impressed with Michener's Alaska. But being Michener, there's definitely some 
scenes that stick in my mind even after all these years . . . "Better out than in." I wish that 
WASN'T stuck in my head, but it is a nearly-universal human condition, portrayed honestly. 

Micki: If you get sick of all the cold stories, I thought Michener's Mexico was fantastic. 

(-: Thanks to my reading glasses, I'm doing all sorts of re-reading. I'm getting ready to embark on 
A Passage to India. Can't remember if this is a re-read or a first read, but I'm looking forward to 

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