[LMB] Levels of Bafflement

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Sun Jan 14 04:16:01 GMT 2018

Margaret: But I've always heard the stress on the "We," not on the "have"

WE have adVANCED (skip a beat) to NEW and surPRISing (skip a beat) LEVels of

Dactylic all the way.

John: One's scansion is one's own*, especially when there is no metre, 

Margaret: Certainly.

John: but this skipping of beats I wot not of. As with so-called sprung
rhythm, if one allows such conveniences mid-line all rigour is lost, nu?

Margaret: I don't know the right term for "skip a beat" but in musical
notation it would be 

Eighth note Eighth note Eighth note / Quarter note Eighth note / 

How about "Many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea" 

Aren't "year" and "king" twice the duration of the other syllables?

Perhaps there are formal ways of saying this, but I didn't learn anything
past the very basics.

John:  Were you a student, though, I'd ask why you wish to stress 'we', the
implication that none but we, only we and not you, have so advanced, 

Margaret: That implication isn't there for me. I think the tendency is to
stress the subject of the sentence, and therefore putting the stress on HAVE
is the one that departs from normal and therefore implies something.

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