[LMB] [OT] Rereading Cherryh's The Paladin for the I dunno how manyeth time...

BJ van Look vanlook at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 20:53:08 GMT 2018

I would also recommend the Chanur series, as it has a very strong voice that isn't twisted up in it's own machinations. (Unlike the Downbelow Station series, Cyteen books, Foreigner series, the Morgaine cycle...) 
As someone else said up-thread, her narrative style is often opaque, although I might also call it "involuted" as in Dag's sharing knife. It turns back on itself and then squirrels off into a side direction. I find her narrative voice(s) to be as moral as Aral (mostly), but as twisty as Cavilo.
      From: Stewart Dean <sdean2003 at gmail.com>...and am impressed again with its coherence and integrity.  I have read other things by her and not liked them much.  
AKICOTL: What other writings of hers are like the Paladin?


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