[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Wed Jan 24 18:09:45 GMT 2018

Marina Fournier is 63 today, and for her birthday treat, she is dining with
both one and a multitude. That is, she is having a quiet picnic with Penric.
Nikys is on a visit to her mother and that very interesting artisan, her
sort of brother, and they will stop by in a few hours. Meanwhile, Marina and
Penric are sitting at a comfortable outdoor table with reasonable chairs,
and a lovely assortment of food (including some cheese from Penric's home).
During the course of three or four hours, they fall into conversation, and
Penric feels easy enough to let Desdemona talk, as well as some of the
previous occupants. Mira flirts just a bit for fun, and the others emerge
for a short time. Marina enjoys asking about the history of all the places
Desdemona has been, but lets up when she sees Penric is clearly exhausted.
Nikys and her mother drop by (in case they need to rescue either one), see
that things are going well, and enjoy the picnic. 


Happy Birthday! 


Jean Lamb

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