[LMB] Barrayaran badges of rank

Sharon Micenko wembleyware at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 12:15:34 GMT 2018

Good evening everyone,
I’ve been immersed in the Vorkosigan saga for some time and I’m trying to work out the Imperial service ranks. I get it that it’s a mixed service and if you get ship duty naval ranks are used but ground forces use army ranks. it’s the colours that are puzzling me. So, it’s pale blue for Ensigns, red for lieutenants, blue for captains (is that just ground forces?) and yellow for admirals. There do seem to be some missing, eg Lieutenant commanders, commanders, majors and colonels. Anyone have a fuller list than me? Thanks for any comments. 

Oh, and I’m guessing that cadets would be white like they are everywhere else.


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