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Sat Jul 14 16:28:35 BST 2018

> Op 14 jul. 2018 om 09:36 heeft James M. BRYANT G4CLF <james at jbryant.eu> het volgende geschreven:
> Jack would like to see:-
> >...a book where Miles challenges the people around him to
> > be better. 

I too like to see more of Miles.
I fell in love with the books with Miles’ POV.
I also like the AU of the Vorkosivers and it different players. But it is Miles that I identify with.

But then here I read that Miss Bujold originally wanted to write about Cordelia and Aral. 
If that is right, than I wonder why the most and best read Vorkosigan books are with and about Miles.
I miss these books and his POV. I would like to see him grow in whatever direction he wants to. As a parent, as a politician, as a husband, a teacher, a Count or an auditer, an admiral, or even an ambassador on Ceta.
To look in his mind, see him make mistakes and correct these. 

I guessed that mrs.Bujold outgrew Miles. It started a while ago - in and after Memory - but was very significant in Cryoburn where she portrays Miles as peculiar and meets little respect or understanding by his fellow Barrayarans nor Min.
In principle I feel OKE with that. But I miss his own reflections on this development. Could be a next step in his own growth.


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