[LMB] One more Vorpatril Book ?

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Sat Jul 14 16:38:38 BST 2018

>Gwynne: Ivan has some pretty good moments when Miles is around.

<snip wonderful list of Ivan's wonderfulness> 

May I add?

WA: Ivan reacts the fastest, leads the charge, and  gets 
the "first hit" at the Council of Counts when whozits 
(Vordrozda?)*  draws a pistol in Gregor's presence. 

Memory: Ivan sits with Simon and undertakes the job of
reassuring all the various time-shifted ImpSec commander's
personas that the Empire is secure. Stay calm and heal up.
 "Ivan, you idiot, what are you doing here?"  The job very 
few can do. From just how many other people in that Empire 
would Simon ever accept such assurance and instruction?

CVA:  Those who would ask Simon a question in just those
words --"What the HELL, Simon?"  Maybe an answer to the
previous situation's question.  Six? 

Also CVA: Ivan versus Miles -- Miles NEVER makes interim
reports.  Ivan very deliberately DOES make the verbal 
interim report to his supervisor; allowing him later to
inform Komarr police (and ImpSec spies) that, of course,
he had kept his chain of command informed. That "I was
tied up all night by two beautiful women" was not 
taken seriously?  "It's not MY fault!"   SO Ivan.

*(Have I mentioned how much I hate that my chemo drugs
impair my memory for such trivia as Bujold character names?) 

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