[LMB] New Zealand, New Fans...

Grace Bridges gracebridges1 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 21:46:43 BST 2018

Thank you all for the welcome!

James, I am in Auckland but I will definitely be at Worldcon 2020. Actually
I'm running the NZ national SF con in 2019 (in Rotorua) which for us is
sort of the predecessor to Worldcon, so that's exciting, not to mention I'm
in well over my head, lol.

Gwynne - thank you - whereabouts are you?
Also, yes, Ivan is awesome. There are some decent fanfics where he really
gets to shine as well, but I have to imbibe those very carefully as the
different alternate universes do strange things to my brain. Gregor is also
awesome and definitely has hidden depths.

Jerrie - As it happens I just finished the first Sharing Knife book last
night. I liked it. Unfortunately my mum probably wouldn't appreciate the
sex, lol. That was also a consideration in giving her Ivan's book first -
since they were married and all that.
  I have no idea about Bujold-inspired music! I will have to take a look at
your links.

I wrote a short story last night (not fanfic, but my contemporary New
Zealand plus mythology storyworld) and I just realised it deals a lot with
memory and identity as well. I didn't set out to do that - it just snuck
right in!

Btw, I hope I'm allowed to say this, but you lot are welcome to friend me
on Facebook. Maybe send me a message first so I know where you came from (I
tend to delete requests without mutual friends) but I'd love to get to know
you more!

I know I said I wished I'd discovered Miles sooner, but on reflection, I
may not have been mature enough to appreciate the deeper themes if, say,
I'd tried to read about him as a teen. All things considered, I'm glad I
found LMB when I did. There are still new books to read! (I'm saving
Cryoburn and Gentleman Jole still, to say nothing of her other work)


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