[LMB] Subject: New Zealand, New Fans...

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 03:20:03 BST 2018

> From: Grace Bridges
> I am so tickled with Miles and all the gang that I find it hard to put into
> words. I've read most of the series 4-5 times already this year. I think my
> favourite is Memory; I've been known to read it twice in one sitting, or
> the last 100-ish pages several times in a row for sheer satisfaction
> (beginning around "best two falls out of three").
> ...
> Anyway, after going on about it so much I finally convinced my flatmate,
> who does not read often, to have a go at Labyrinth.


Memory is my favourite too. The scene where Miles puts on ALL of his medals
gets me every time.

Why Labyrinth? That seems a strange choice to me. If I push a Miles short
story on people I tend to go with Borders of Infinity.

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