[LMB] More idle musings - Miles and Tien

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Started re-reading the Miles in Love collection now that I have it on Kindle. Seemed to need it. Knowing the plot is so not a problem simply because I'm reading it to be in that world for a while and finding the characters delightfully complex.
See what you mean about Tien sharing qualities that also distinguish Miles---after all, Miles hides the severity of his conditions too which indicates a certain strength of character----but so relish how their issues have resulted in two quite distinctly different kinds of men.

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> I think Ekaterin fell so fast for Miles because he was so like Tien.
> Both of them held to the Vor ideal, and both had conditions that meant 
> that, as true Vor, they should cease to live. And both of them lived on.
> Miles: I am True Vor [tm].  I will be the springboard that helps you
launch yourself to be a star in the sky.

Tien: I am True Vor [tm]. I will keep you from rising above my True Voreness, or complain that you should not have risen above a True Vor [tm].

Miles: Surround by a celestial constellation of stars *didn't see that coming, did you?*
Tien:  ... not.

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