[LMB] Your first, was Disability and the Vorkosigan-verse

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> --Carol, whose first SF at age 7 was Heinlein's *Time for the Stars.*
> The first SF I can remember reading was Fantastic Voyage, about a group of
> people shrunk to microscopic size and injected into someone. I can't remember
> all the details, but I remember wondering what happened to their mass. I was
> about ten at the time. After that I just read every sf I could get hold of, some
> that really had an impact on me, some that I probably should have set aside for
> a few years.
If you read it as a book, it was Asimov’s novelization of the movie. He threw in some other dimensional technobabble to account for the mass and changed the ending on order to get the crushed ship out before it became full sized inside the guy’s head. 
> Can everyone remember their first sf?

I’m not sure what my first SF story was. Possibly, one of Zenna Henderson’s stories of the people. One of the first Novels was Stranger in a Strange Land. The first SF book I owned was “Secret of the Ninth Planet”, obviously written before Pluto’s demotion. 

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