[LMB] OT: Recipe, was: Re: Syllabub, was Vashnoi Haiku

Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 08:22:21 BST 2018

Since the list revealed that a) syllabub was a real thing, and b) it's still around today, I kind-of-sort-of expected someone to post their recipe.  Alas, nobody has.  So I googled and found one (from Nigella Lawson) and here present it, for the curious.  I'll certainly be trying it.
1 x 284 ml tub of whipping cream50 g caster sugar50 ml white winezest and juice of half a lemonalmond thins and/or berries, to serve
Whip cream and sugar together until soft peaks form.  Fold in the white wine, the lemon juice and most of the zest.  Spoon into dessert glasses or bowls.  Sprinkle reserved zest onto the syllabub and serve with the almond thins and/or berries. Raye
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