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>> However all of these assume we want to live outside on the surface. If instead we built floating cities with an oxygen atmosphere and hence lighter than the surrounding atmosphere, these could move with the winds. Any oxy or water waste could go towards the longer term objective but give us a habitat meantime.
> A few years ago, I heard a presentation by a well known scientist/SF writer (I think it was Geoffrey Landis, but I could be wrong) at a Worldcon positing a possible way of colonizing Venus. He essentially suggested floating arcologies to be placed in an section of Venus' atmosphere that was more habitable (less hot and windy). It sounded possible, certainly more possible than any other solution.
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I say we work on more habitable environments first — like Antartica and the continental shelf.

We have the technology for those today, the costs are much lower and resupply will be easier, plus
communication is much simpler and faster.

Not to mention, SF writers have a way of handwaving problems away, like having a survivor on
Mars on the surface indefinitely despite the ionizing radiation problem. Colonists would have to 
live way underground and limit surface activity.

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