[LMB] Happy Birthday to Heather Ridolfi!

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After reading all these delightful birthday itineraries, I must ask: is my birthday on file?
Karen A. Wyle 

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 Happy Birthday, Heather!

For your special day, you're going to Komarr for a tour of Serifosa Dome.  Upon landing, you're met by Captain Tuomonen, who's accompanied by an enchanting pre-adolescent imp.  She's holding your breathmask, which you're invited to decorate with her.  Either cockatoo colors are the latest fashion, or both Tuomonens have the best straight face ever.  

After being fortified by morning snacks, you all carefully check your exuberantly decorated masks, before enjoying a tour of scenic out-Dome spots.  Tuomonen is an engaging and informative guide.  The next generation contributes to the conversation with definite opinions and accounts of lively shenanigans you suspect her indulgent Komarran grandmother would not quite approve of.  On the in-Dome portion of the tour, Tuomonen's still vigilant, but content to let his daughter lead more of the conversation.  The kids-eye view of Komarr is unique and lots of fun.  Over dinner with the whole family that evening, you're gifted with a bound copy of Barrayaran & Komarran jokes, a dual volume of the best jokes, carefully chosen by Tuomonen and his mother-in-law.  To their delight, you contribute some new ones.  It's a fun and relaxing evening.

May your day be full of your favorite forms of fun!

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