[LMB] Happy Birthday to Gretchen Wright!

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Tue Jun 12 16:37:41 BST 2018

Sounds like a wonderful day!

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> In celebration of this auspicious natal anniversary, you're going on an architectural tour of Vorbarr Sultana with none other than Professor Vorthys as your guide.  A walk at your preferred pace around many historical and improbable landmarks, such as public fountains, about which the professor's almost as snarky as his charming spouse, from whom he picked up many tidbits about the donors.  
> Y'all take a break in the caravanserai at a most agreeable café, where the desserts are almost as improbable as the buildings and fountains you've been enjoying. In the afternoon, there's a cruise on the river, where you may enjoy cooling breezes, details of engineering projects along the river, or naps.  The Professor is a restful and entertaining companion.  Your day culminates with a Vorthys family dinner on the river, provided by Kosti Katering.  You enjoy meeting the Vorthys children and savoring the wonder of the grandchildren at the fireworks overhead.  The Professor's wonder is even more childlike, as his wife watches him fondly.  The wonder never grows old.
> I hope you enjoy your special day.
> Jerrie
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