[LMB] quote found

Dan Brown rdanbrown at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 20:21:58 BST 2018

Robert Woodward wrote:

<< I searched for only “cry out for justice” (easy to do in e-books) and discovered that chapter 7 of _Diplomatic Immunity_ had the only occurrence of that phrase (I had wondered if this shorter version might have appeared in either “Mountains of Mourning” or _Cryoburn_, but it didn’t). >>


I searched for "dead cannot," and got excited for a second when I got a result in Shards of Honor, but it ended up being this bit from Aftermaths:

"Don't be afraid," she said. "The dead cannot hurt you. They give you no pain, except that of seeing your own death in their faces. And one can face that, I find."


A cool scene, but not quite right.  *smile*



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