[LMB] Happy Birthday to Carol Botteron!

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Fri Jun 15 12:15:35 BST 2018

Carol Botteron, for your special adventure, you're going to the Hassadar Book Festival as an honored guest.  Everywhere, happy folk are wandering about, holding bulging bags bearing the distinctive Festival Glorious Book Butterbug logo (designed by Countess VorKosigan herself, no less).  Your bags come with an anti-grav pallet towed--and guarded!--by sturdy, cheerful Armsmen progeny, who also have helpful maps of the vendors and lists of panels and speakers.  You wander all day, enjoying the wonders of the festival: a concert by the Raina Csurik School chorus, lots and lots of booksellers, your unlimited budget, an extensive food vendor section.  Should you wish to sample the local maple mead, be sure to visit Kosti Katering's table to fill up on Maple Ambrosia (or other flavors), to dilute the effects.  (There's no danger of excess rowdiness, with Armsman Roic's relatives providing very overt security.)

Why, yes, that was Lord Mark you saw lurking in the background.  He's a not-so-secret investor in Kosti Katering, enjoying the fruits (as it were) of their success.  He's certainly up for chat, especially with you, as are several local celebrities.  Tsipis is also wandering, looking affable and pleased (which is broadly beaming for him).  After a busy, happy day, you have a private dinner with Countess VorKosigan, with no alarums of any sort.  Over superb cuisine, you have a relaxed and jovial chat about books and her plans for the district.  The fireworks start only after all the books, banners, and anything flammable have been safely put away.

I hope you enjoy your special day.


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