[LMB] Years, Chalionese and otherwise

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Mon Jun 18 00:47:38 BST 2018

I just ran across the following passage in _The Curse of Chalion_:

"... the Bastard's Day, that intercalary holiday inserted every two 
years after Mother's Midsummer to prevent the calendar's precessing from 
its proper seasons."

In our world, the solar year differs from an even number of days by a 
little less than a quarter of a day. Apparently in the 5GU, the 
difference is closer to half a day.

Not that anything much follows from that, but I hadn't noticed it before.

Sidenote: is there any reference, in the 5GU books, to an analogue of 
the week? The day, month, and year are based on astronomical realities, 
but the week is wholly artificial (and different cultures have had 
week-analogues ranging from four to ten days). Has anybody noticed?

Jim Parish

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