[LMB] Happy Birthday, Howard Brazee!

adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 20 03:29:06 BST 2018

For your natal anniversary, you're off to the Hassadar Book Festival.  After watching Carol enjoy herself with the folk dancers, you congratulate yourself on deftly avoiding the ensuing conga line.

There's lots to see and do, but a highlight for you is the historical writing roundtable with Duv Galeni & Professora Vorthys.  In spite of their mutual interest in research, they have some differences in experiences and approach that are fascinating.  As a notorious Georgette Heyer fan, you have some insights that surprise them, and they're glad for your contributions.  Crunchy ideas go very well with cooling fruit drinks [small umbrellas optional], courtesy of Kosti Katering.  Good conversation sparks all sorts of unexpected connections, but the fireworks that evening may be your favorite of all.

I hope your day is full of the fun you like best.

Jerrie, sending this a bit early 

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