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>On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
>> I was somewhat disappointed that Aral and Cordelia’s relationship did not
>> stay monogamous.
>I wasn't. Being able to see characters I strongly identify with take a path
>that somewhat resembles my life and situation is affirming in the face of
>disapproval by people who quite frankly have no reason to disapprove other
>than their moral positioning. Given the Betan attitudes towards
>egalitarianism, it was perfectly within character for her and Aral.
>>Not as much the form it finally took but because the current fashion seems
>> to be that a lifelong monogamous marriage is impossible or at least
>> detrimental.
>Hogwash. There is plenty of societal support for monogamy. Don't confuse
>acknowledgement of other relationship forms as being equally valid as a
>knock against monogamy. Monogamy is great for those who want it. Many of my
>good friends are monogamous and I celebrate their relationships.

"When you're used to privilege, equality seems like persecution."

>> I just passed my 45th monogamous anniversary and have no intention to ever
>> change.  Not that there was never opportunities but the state of my
>> marriage is important to me. Straying would have felt both like betrayal
>> and failure. This is just me, I will not judge others, fictional or
>> otherwise.

If it's consensual, it's not "straying".

>Yah, well, with this post you just did.

Quite so.

>I can relay dozens and dozens of stories of direct comments to me or my
>partners directly disparaging our relationship or trying to undermine it.
>In a previous one my wife's job was threatened because our relationship was
>nontraditional. Very few monogamous couples get the privilege of dealing
>with that kind of abuse.
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