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> "When you're used to privilege, equality seems like persecution."

Is that ever true, in so many contexts! A discussion for another venue, as it could involve American politics, instead of only non-political cultural issues.

>>> I just passed my 45th monogamous anniversary and have no intention to ever
>>> change.  Not that there was never opportunities but the state of my
>>> marriage is important to me. Straying would have felt both like betrayal
>>> and failure. This is just me, I will not judge others, fictional or
>>> otherwise.
> If it's consensual, it's not "straying".

To clarify: consensual among all affected parties. Partners of each person looking to get involved must be included.

Polyamory is not straying.

However, telling someone that you are allegedly trying to date, that, at an upcoming event, where our SOs will be there, that “we must indicate we even know each other”—that’s a clear indication of cheating. 

I had no idea he had an SO. I suppose I should have, given how cagey he was about giving even his last name. He’s now blocked, and I was furious. My husband knew about this from the start, so no hiding on my end.

At this event, I recall seeing a lovely wood staff—diamond willow, or a vegetative influence while the tree was growing—and going to admire it. Might have been him holding it, for all I know: my eyes were focused on the wood, not the human. I did see a bemused look, but didn’t stay around. I think I’d only encountered him thrice in over six months, and not striking looking.

I can just barely remember what he looks like, and wouldn’t be sure at all outside of the context in which he approached me, and I can probably fake ignorance of him if I’m approached, if faking is even needed.

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