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I was somewhat disappointed that Aral and Cordelia’s relationship did not stay monogamous. Not as much the form it finally took but because the current fashion seems to be that a lifelong monogamous marriage is impossible or at least detrimental. 
I just passed my 45th monogamous anniversary and have no intention to ever change.  Not that there was never opportunities but the state of my marriage is important to me. Straying would have felt both like betrayal and failure. This is just me, I will not judge others, fictional or otherwise. 

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It's yer filters, Bill! You are being a bit judge-y. Even in the books, there are wonderful examples of monogamy, such as the Vorthys. Why 
can't there be a wonderful example of polyamory? 

I don't know if you noticed, but there are at least two examples of multiple lovers gone wrong. Why don't you concentrate on the lessons 
to be learned from those? 

There are plenty of examples of marriages gone horribly wrong in the stories, too -- wives murdered by Yuri, or who commit suicide 
(probably) after unhappy love affairs. There was plenty of foreshadowing that Aral wasn't going to be your monogamous role model. 
Quite frankly, I'm thankful that he and Cordelia and Jole survived and weren't killed by evil enemies, or jealous lovers.  


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