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WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Thu Jun 21 17:40:24 BST 2018

First let me apologize if I have offended anyone with my previous posts. It was not my intention to criticize anyone, any lifestyle, or anyone’s marriage. 

There are several trends or movements that are current now that I don’t see in the Vorkoverse. The most important of these is extreme post modernism and its elevation of emotions over objectivity. In its most extreme form it denies the existence of an objective reality. 
I recently saw an article that stated that Mathematics (as a field of study) had detrimental effects on society because it was too objective and did not take emotions into account. 

Another current trend is third wave feminism. Yes, there is a great need for first wave feminism especially on Barrayar and possibly Ceta Ganda. However, I’ve seen nothing decrying the “male gaze” or “toxic masculinity”.

Have these movements petered out over the years? Are they just not in the current settings? Or, to be Doyalist, had they just reached their current levels when Lou’s started the series?

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