[LMB] Monogamy

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Thu Jun 21 22:21:28 BST 2018

DS:  My memory is that she'd basically encouraged the idea.  Aral didn't tell her about actually making a move, which she thought of as "avoiding my 'helping', plus being able to bury the embarrassment if it failed"
rather than as cheating on her.

LMB:  That is exactly as I intended what I wrote to be interpreted.

Possibly I should have used a duller scalpel to get it across? ...Well, too late now.

But you may be assured, after 20 years of Barrayar, Cordelia was delighted to have a breath of Beta injected into her life again, if only in this very private part of it.  That Aral is not, culturally, a modern American is something that most readers get without prompting; that Cordelia isn't either tends to get missed.

Ta, L.


I wonder if Cordelia wasn't somewhat relieved to have somebody to share the burden of Aral's intensity. Seems to me that everybody in a relationship can use a break from time to time, from whatever characteristic of the partner is a little much, while still wanting to maintain and nourish the relationship. 

IMO -- in the US at the present time, most people would feel threatened by a relationship like this, and the guilt and uncertainty on the other side would be destructive, so most people decide not to go this way.


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