[LMB] Monogamy

Corrina Lawson corrinaannelawson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 00:59:16 BST 2018

The more people that can love children and care for them, the better.

I assume most Betans have the, ah, emotional kinks of a three-way (or more)
relationship worked out.

At one point, a reading of the material seemed to indicate that perhaps
co-parent is not the same as a spouse. Or perhaps there are different
earrings for co-parents who are our current definition of married, and
co-parents who have more Betan-style rules for their marriage.

Not that this is in the text, but my interpretation of Cordelia's reaction
to Aral and Jole is that part of it is that she deemed Aral to be a bit
self-loathing about his attraction to men and wanted that done with. After
all, Ges seems to have been Aral's primary male romantic relationship and
that was severely dysfunctional. Cordelia might well view a positive
romantic relationship with another man--especially a good, decent, and
giving man like Oliver--to be something Aral needed, psychologically, to
accept and be happy with that part of himself.

I'm guessing, from implications in the text, that Cordelia was also careful
to watch out for Oliver, given his position as Aral's aide, which might be
ripe for abuse, given the power imbalance. (Not that Aral would consciously
take advantage but, still, the power imbalance exists)  I would love to
have seen exactly what happened when Aral (perhaps after a discussion with
Cordelia) insisted that Oliver had to take a promotion away from Aral.
Oliver says in the text that he was unhappy with it, and one wonders at his
hurt, though he ultimately saw and accepted the reasoning.


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