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Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 22 01:27:22 BST 2018

This is a My Cat Fluffy post, about my cat Percy.  Fair warning....
I need advice on managing my cat's behaviour.
Background: Percy started life as my sister's cat.  She was dealing with infertility at the time, and for the first two-three years of his life, he was her substitute baby.  He fought with her husband and her (he was a kitten, so they allowed it on the grounds that he wasn't able to hurt them), slept with them, ate smaller portions of their food, etc.  Then the IVF finally worked and the human baby arrived.  Percy did not enjoy being an older brother, and it probably didn't help that his new sister adored him on sight.  When it became clear that the baby wasn't going away, Percy started lashing out.  When my mother saw the scratches on the baby, she insisted the cat come to live with her.  About eighteen months ago, I moved in to become my mother's permanent carer, and as I love cats and hadn't been able to have one for years (allergic housemate) (and my mother doesn't like cats *that* much) I became Percy's carer/handler/human.
The situation is: I treat him, well, like a cat.  He gets cat mince, cat wet food, and cat kibble.  No human food.  He had a cat bed, but after he developed the *delightful* habit of waking me up before dawn by scratching me, I had to start caging him at night. (I didn't object to the time, it was the scratching.  And it wasn't like he didn't know about waking me with a miaow or a tap from a velveted paw, he'd done both of those and they'd worked.  He just went straight for the bloodletting.)  I'll be sitting down having a lovely petting/grooming session with him, and then he'll suddenly, with no warning, attack my hand and wrist. (Not the brush, and he won't get up and walk away.  Straight from full relaxed purr to full attack, with no reason.)  If I'm sitting in a room, he will come and sit beside me, and otherwise act civilized.
I can't really encourage 'good' behaviour, because he doesn't really have a 'good' mode.  There's civilized and there's fighty bitey time, and nothing in between.  
Any advice on getting him to be a civilized cat would be very welcome!

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