[LMB] OT: MCF: Advice from other cat owners requested

Rebecca Price becca at di.org
Fri Jun 22 13:05:38 BST 2018

We've found that a can of compressed air, like for cleaning computers, to
be more effective than a water pistol and less messy.

On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 8:39 PM, Harvey Fishman <fishman at panix.com> wrote:

> It sounds like it is time for a water pistol. A guaranteed squirt when he
> is
> misbehaving is usually a fairly rapid cure for cat misbehavior. Most cats
> getting wet and they do learn.
> Harvey
> On Fri, 22 Jun 2018, Raye Johnsen wrote:
> This is a My Cat Fluffy post, about my cat Percy.? Fair warning....
>> I need advice on managing my cat's behaviour.
>> Background: Percy started life as my sister's cat.? She was dealing with
>> infertility at the time, and for the first two-three years of his life, he
>> was her substitute baby.? He fought with her husband and her (he was a
>> kitten, so they allowed it on the grounds that he wasn't able to hurt
>> them), slept with them, ate smaller portions of their food, etc.? Then the
>> IVF finally worked and the human baby arrived.? Percy did not enjoy being
>> an older brother, and it probably didn't help that his new sister adored
>> him on sight.? When it became clear that the baby wasn't going away, Percy
>> started lashing out.? When my mother saw the scratches on the baby, she
>> insisted the cat come to live with her.? About eighteen months ago, I moved
>> in to become my mother's permanent carer, and as I love cats and hadn't
>> been able to have one for years (allergic housemate) (and my mother doesn't
>> like cats *that* much) I became Percy's carer/handler/human.
>> The situation is: I treat him, well, like a cat.? He gets cat mince, cat
>> wet food, and cat kibble.? No human food.? He had a cat bed, but after he
>> developed the *delightful* habit of waking me up before dawn by scratching
>> me, I had to start caging him at night. (I didn't object to the time, it
>> was the scratching.? And it wasn't like he didn't know about waking me with
>> a miaow or a tap from a velveted paw, he'd done both of those and they'd
>> worked.? He just went straight for the bloodletting.)? I'll be sitting down
>> having a lovely petting/grooming session with him, and then he'll suddenly,
>> with no warning, attack my hand and wrist. (Not the brush, and he won't get
>> up and walk away.? Straight from full relaxed purr to full attack, with no
>> reason.)? If I'm sitting in a room, he will come and sit beside me, and
>> otherwise act civilized.
>> I can't really encourage 'good' behaviour, because he doesn't really have
>> a 'good' mode.? There's civilized and there's fighty bitey time, and
>> nothing in between.??
>> Any advice on getting him to be a civilized cat would be very welcome!
>> Raye
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