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> On Jun 22, 2018, at 11:13 AM, Luke Bretscher <rocketman0739 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I may of course have missed things, but I don't recall the Jole
> relationship getting much setup in earlier books. If it turns out I'm
> not missing things, that would be my one quibble--not that there's
> anything wrong with the relationship per se, but that it comes off as
> a bit retrofitted.

I looked for references to Jole. All I found was two scenes in _The Vor Game_, a scene in _Cyroburn_ (as one of the pallbearers, no hint that it was the same Jole), several references as the Sergyar fleet commander in _Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance_ (his sailboat is mentioned in the epilogue and also that Aral and Cordelia were familiar with it).

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