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> The more people that can love children and care for them, the better.

May it be so! I think we’re healthier in many ways when that’s the case. Helps if the carers don’t get in the way of growth...

> I assume most Betans have the, ah, emotional kinks of a three-way (or more)
> relationship worked out.

With literary & cultural background, even

> At one point, a reading of the material seemed to indicate that perhaps
> co-parent is not the same as a spouse. Or perhaps there are different
> earrings for co-parents who are our current definition of married, and
> co-parents who have more Betan-style rules for their marriage.

Food for thought, and possibly fanfic

> I would love to have seen exactly what happened when Aral (perhaps after a discussion with Cordelia) insisted that Oliver had to take a promotion away from Aral.
> Oliver says in the text that he was unhappy with it, and one wonders at his hurt, though he ultimately saw and accepted the reasoning.

He’d understand that it hadn’t been rejection, but the distance from the Beloved would still hurt.

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