[LMB] OT: MCF: Advice from other cat owners requested

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 05:15:55 BST 2018

I think it's just going to take time. Civilized mode IS his good mode, and should be rewarded with soothing words and possibly petting. If 
he reacts badly to the petting, then don't do that; it's not a reward to him. 

The minute he starts scratching or using the teeth (my cat uses her teeth sometimes), push him away gently to the floor, the other side of 
the sofa, or whatever. Ignore for at least 10 minutes. If he comes back, and repeats the behavior, I would give him three tries, and then 
it's time for banishment -- close the door on your room, or cage him. 

I think caging him for the night (or using a door in some fashion to keep him away from sleeping people) is perfectly fine. 

We had a neurotic little kitty who had gone through at least three different owners in as many years. I think it took two years before she 
finally decided we were good people (but we didn't push her into affection or anything; we let her come to it, and gave her all the love she 
wanted). At that point, she was actually quite a needy (and kneady) cat; got her claws stuck in my sweaters, and sunk the claws into my 
denimed knees, all in the name of love. Clipping her nails (not removing them!) was a partial solution. Getting two kittens and getting 
used to them finally helped her the most; she became a much more balanced cat who liked being loved, was not overly anxious, and 
didn't knead anymore. But this was after several years! I just include her example to show that it takes quite a bit of time. 

Make sure Percy has a scratching post, plenty of exercise, and chances to be good. And don't reward bad behavior. That's basically my 


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