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>  However, I have friends who are poly, and they always roll their eyes at
> the sort of dudebro who wants to be poly because he thinks it means "I can
> sleep with any hot chick I want!" In the first place, even as poly, that's
> only if she wants to sleep with *him*, too, which they never seem to think
> about, and second, a successful poly relationship requires MORE
> communication to make sure everyone's needs are getting met and everyone is
> okay with everything. That sort of dudebro invariably isn't happy with even
> the amount of communication necessary in a successful monogamous
> relationship, and thinks adding more people somehow means less talking.

A very common theme with people who want to "try" polyamory, swinging, or
just opening their relationship, is that it commonly is instigated by the
man who thinks he'll get more sex with hot chix, or you know, two chicks at
once, wink wink. The female partner may be reluctant  (or not) but what
usually happens is the male partner finds that it's pretty damn hard to
find random women who will have casual sex with him, but the female partner
finds it is much easier to find casual sex with men, so the male partner
who may have instigated the whole thing in the first place suddenly is
crying "no fair!"

Of course, not all situations end like that, but it's common.

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